The Perfect Slider Bun

As a child, I never ate sandwiches. Ever. I would eat the meat. I would eat the bread. I would even eat the condiments. It wasn’t until I got older that I realized my aversion to sandwiches was due to the disproportionate ratio of bread to other good stuff. So along with the rest of the world, I’m kind of in love with the idea of a slider.

I guess it’s just the idea I’m in love with though, since I’d never really gotten to try one. They seem to be reserved for real beef burgers and other meaty things I don’t eat. So the other day when I was picking out buns for some chickpea burgers, I got an idea of making them into sliders.

But not just any sliders. Those miniature-sized slider buns they sell still have a disproportionate ratio of bread for the amount of stuff you put inside. So instead, I found some really great mini dinner rolls – to slice in half.

I found them in the fresh bakery section, so the flavor is outstanding and there’s no high fructose corn syrup (yay!) They’re called “steakhouse dinner rolls,” and I’m sure you can find something similar at just about any grocery store bakery. They’re thicker than a slice of bread, but thinner than a bun, so when you slice it in half, you get a really quality  little sandwich suit.

Plus, if you’ve ever bought veggie deli slices, you know that the slices are quite a bit smaller than regular meat slices. Which totally sucks on a regular sandwich, but almost perfectly fits these little buns. I just got a second use out of these awesome buns by making a veggie ham sammie.


(PS – I’d add photos, but my bluetooth isn’t working. So hopefully later because they’re adorable)