My First Poached Egg

It may come as a surprise (it does to me) that with all the cooking I do, I’ve never poached an egg. Maybe because I went several years without eating eggs, or maybe because I only recently discovered my love of eggs benedict, but whatever the reason, I decided that this morning, I would conquer that experience.

I did a bit of research and found a few really helpful tips online. Smitten Kitchen, a blog by a woman who loves poached eggs but claims to not make them well, had the absolute best advice I could possibly find. What was the advice?

1: Break your egg in a bowl instead of straight into the water. It’s much easier to slip your egg from bowl to pot than to try and crack an egg over hot water without dropping any shell bits.

2: Make a whirlpool out of the hot water by quickly stirring the water before sliding your egg in. Bonus – it works especially well when you’ve followed Tip #1 and have the egg prepped in a bowl.

I did, however, go against what many websites say and left out the vinegar. It’s supposed to help the egg form it’s shape, but I believed the whirlpool would do a good enough job.

So I heated my water to just below boiling. I cracked my egg into a bowl. I stirred the hot water until it whirled around like a little cyclone. And I slipped the egg into the hot water. I stared down into the pot, and to my amazement, the egg stayed almost entirely in tact.

Not to brag, but it was a beautiful poached egg.

My toast was all nice and toasty, with a bit of herbed goat cheese and two slices fake bacon, when I started to wonder: How the hell do I get the egg out of the water?

I began to panic: I don’t have enough time to look it up or enough time to clean my tongs. So I panicked. And I scooped it out with a big spoon and dumped it on my toast.

Of course there was water everywhere. The toast was ruined. The facon was soggy. But the egg was still perfectly in tact.

So I pulled myself together, threw away the soggy mess and made some new toast. I had a perfect piece of toast and a perfect little poached egg. How did I transfer my poached egg to the new toast?


I couldn’t.

After all that, my egg broke open as I tried to wiggle a fork underneath it to prop it up onto the toast. The good news is that the yolk soaked into the toast from the bottom and I salvaged the white and plopped it on top. I guess you could call it a deconstructed poached egg.

Still, I’d count it as relatively successful for my very first poached egg. And it was delicious.




(the photo is from stock.xchng and is only what I wish my egg had looked like!)


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