The Flu Diet

As I sit sipping a tasty concoction of mango, banana and apple juice, I’m reminded of the limited amount of food I can eat until I’m fully recovered from the flu. That’s not to say smoothies aren’t tasty, but how much bland blah can I stomach before I go crazy??

And let’s get something straight. This smoothie is technically a cheat in itself. My low blood sugar necessitated ordering this drink instead of continuing to eat bread, rice and noodles. Bleh.

It beats the lightheadedness every time I get up though.

When all I really want is sushi, and all that I really can have is carbs, I realize that this flu-induced slow torture could be a blessing in disguise. Well, maybe it will be in a few days since clearly it is not right now.

The thing is, I have absolutely no willpower when it comes to food, and I consistently eat whatever it is I crave. And it tastes good, but after a while, it doesn’t taste great anymore. Maybe this annoyingly depraving flu diet will not only make me feel better but also taste food better.

Until then, I will just have to get more creative with the limited number of bland foods I consume.


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