Honey Boo Boo went to Tupelo Honey Cafe South (Asheville)

Honey Tupelo was one of the first places I ate when I moved to Asheville, but I hadn’t been back since. That’s about five months. Despite all the acclaim the restaurant gets, I was not impressed with their veggie burger the first time around. At all.

We went back tonight because I was craving good, home-cooked, southern-style food, and I didn’t want to walk around downtown in the wind. Honey Tupelo fit the bill after I checked the menu and found a tasty-sounding veggie sandwich.

Here’s what got me back. In addition to their south location being absolutely beautiful and fantastic just to be in, they have some really delicious biscuits and appetizers. Tonight the bread was served with some blueberry compote as well as the namesake honey that’s left on the table. I ordered some peach butter for 75¢ which blended perfectly with the bread and honey. I am, however a little disappointed that they charge for butter.

I also had to try the fried green tomatoes served atop goat cheese grits. That dish is omgMOUTHwateringlydelicious. The fried tomatoes have just the right amount of batter, and the batter is nice and crisp with full flavor. What really sets it apart is that the tomatoes are set in these grits that just exude goat-cheesiness. It gives such a different and delectable taste to the tomatoes – something you wouldn’t find elsewhere.

I ordered the veggie sandwich, but I was once again a little bit let down. The ingredients sound so good together, but there’s always that risk with veggie dishes that the chef just doesn’t know which veggies to put together. Maybe because the restaurant is so Southern-focused (my boyfriend seems to think the real-meat burgers are fabulous) they forget about the veggies.

My sandwich had real potential, too. I think what threw me off the most was the cheap mushrooms they used – for such a nice restaurant to not spring for portobellos and charge a dollar or two extra is mind-boggling. Roasted red peppers, onions, spinach, fried green tomatoes and Havarti cheese – the sandwich is just begging for some big, juicy portobello mushrooms! They also overcooked the mushrooms (and the rest of the veggies) a bit, leaving them soggy under the layer of Havarti.

I will say that my side of mac & cheese was very tasty, though!

My last two options – because I have such high hopes for this place! – are the shrimp and grits or the catfish. Those are sort of meat dishes, so I’m hoping they’ll be better.

Or I could always just order breakfast.

I love the sides and apps way too much to abandon this restaurant, so cross your fingers that it gets better.


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