Simple, Tasty Meals at Blue Sky Cafe in Fletcher, NC

I wasn’t really feeling like any sort of food tonight (no Italian, Indian, Thai, etc,) so we went looking on TripAdvisor for something nearby and non-international. What we found was a homestyle restaurant up in Fletcher called Blue Sky Cafe. They promise Creative family dining where there is something for everyone. Promise fulfilled.

What really convinced me was the $9 salmon and extensive vegetarian menu. In fact, on the website, they had a whole section dedicated to their vegetarian and vegan options. I saw the pictures on the website, and it looked like a simple family diner. And that’s pretty much what it is when we got there. The location and decor aren’t anything special, but they offer indoor and outdoor dining. Nothing fancy on the walls or tables – you even get your own menu and seat yourself. The focus is on good service and good food, so don’t expect anything fancy if you decide to visit.

The menu is extensive to say the least. A variety of foods seemed to be influenced by international dishes (a bean bowl with chips, or a hummus appetizer,) but the food is, for the most part, distinctly American.

We started off with a fried ravioli appetizer that comes with 6 small fried cheese raviolis served with a pesto dip and a marinara dip. Both sauces were tasty, but the pesto was pretty perfect. I even kept it to put on the rest of my food! The ravioli was also cheesy and flavorful with just the right amount of crunch.

For my meal I got the salmon plate which appeared to be a pan-seared filet of salmon served with 2 sides of my choice. I got a side caesar and some onion rings. The onion rings were fantastic – perfectly crisp, sweet onion inside, and tasty breading. The salad had a lot of tomatoes, but it was small, the lettuce wasn’t shredded up much (I’m talking whole leaves of lettuce in the salad – very inconvenient) and the  dressing tasted like it came from a bottle. The salmon was tasty. A bit crisp on the outside and moist on the inside, served with a light tzatziki sauce. I actually preferred using the pesto, but the tzatziki was good nonetheless.

My boyfriend got chili, a burger and fries. He says it was good, but the chili wasn’t spicy or anything special. The fries were pretty tasty, though, but I’m a sucker for fries.

I really liked the restaurant. It wasn’t perfect, it wasn’t fancy, but they served good food and the prices were extremely reasonable. The fried ravioli is fantastic and so are the onion rings. I liked the salmon a lot, but I’ll probably sample their many vegetarian options next time. This is a great place to stop for casual dining and delicious food.


Recommended: Definitely

Overall Rating: 7/10 (I’ll bump it up if the rest of the food is as good as the ravioli!)

Pricing: Entrees are all under $10, although there’s some up-charges for premium sides. The sides are between $1-$3 on their own.



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