A Toast to Honey Wheat French Toast

I love breakfast food. Especially French toast. But I usually feel like there’s something missing, regardless of how many spices I add to my batter. (Vanilla, nutmeg almond extract and cinnamon, please!) But after making some French toast of my own with whatever bread I had lying around, I realized what it is was that bothered me.

The bread.

Most restaurants use white bread, sourdough toast or, if they’re trying to make a healthy option, a simple whole wheat bread. I just happened to have some honey wheat bread in the house – the type with a bit of grains and stuff – and I think it had just the right texture for satisfying, filling French toast.

And here’s the real surprise.

I got the bread from Target. It’s Archer Farms honey wheat bread. We actually got it because my boyfriend absolutely hates bread that has grain, nuts, etc. in it. As it turns out, there’s just the right amount of nuts and grains in the bread to make perfect French toast.

If you choose to try some nutty honey wheat bread to compliment your favorite French toast recipe, I recommend trying honey instead of maple syrup. It perfectly compliments the nuttiness and it’s a milder sweet than syrup.


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