Himalayan Dishes at Lower Altitudes at Kathmandu Cafe – Asheville, NC

Kathmandu is a hidden gem in plain sight. Easily passed over because of it’s outer appearance, this restaurant shouldn’t be judged on looks alone. Once inside, it looks more like a traditional Indian restaurant but wide open and welcoming. But none of this really matters when you consider the fact that it’s the only place in the area where you can feast on Nepali food.

Letters next to the dishes indicate where the dish is from (T = Tibetan, I = Indian, N = Nepali), but you’ll have to ask servers about the spiciness since it’s not marked on the menu. Our waiter was fantastic and extremely knowledgeable about the menu, making suggestions and letting us know what was mild and spicy. Unfortunately, there aren’t too many spicy options for vegetarians, but what they lack in heat, they make up for in flavor.

I ordered the Aloo Bodi Tama which is a mixture of potatoes, black-eyed peas and bamboo shoots in a fragrant Himalayan curry sauce. It was very mild, but the sweetness and spice mixture popped with the heartiness of the potatoes and black-eyed peas. We also got an order of garlic naan which was warm, freshly baked and not over-poweringly garlic flavored.

My boyfriend had one of the specials – a lamb dish baked with vegetables and served with a yogurt sauce on the side. It didn’t come with the curry or masala broth that most Indian dishes come with. Apparently it was flavorful nonetheless, and it came highly recommended by the waiter. If there’s a vegetarian version of it, I’ll definitely be trying it next time.

If you’re adventurous, this is a great place to go and try something new.


Recommended: Yes

Overall Score: 8/10

Price: Breads and sides are a few dollars each, most entrees are around $12 except for lamb dishes


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