BEST Vegetarian Lunch at Walnut’s Cafe – Bluffton, SC

Recommended: YES!

This review is coming a bit late, but this place is so good it deserves my rave review a thousand times over.

A friend and I stopped at this cafe after getting light facials at Planet Beach. It came highly recommended by two women waiting to get facials, so we swapped restaurant recommendations and went on our way. It was a bit out of the way, but we eventually found it hiding in a shopping plaza up the street.

The restaurant itself is more like a cafe, and I hesitated slightly because most soup and sandwich cafes are very skimpy on their vegetarian options. However, I was quickly reassured by the specials out front, promising me homemade black bean patties and some sort of shrimp sandwich.

Our waitress was wonderful. Extra friendly, extra helpful. I asked her what she recommended between the two specials, and she raved about the black bean burger. Instead of getting it on a sandwich, she told me it would be delicious over their house salad and she could do that for the same price.

What an amazing lunch. Lots of places say they’ve created the perfect vegetarian burger substitute, but Walnut’s is the first place that I can say really got it perfect. The “burger” was juicy, flavorful, and melted in your mouth. It was primarily composed of several different beans and nuts, but the seasonings were phenomenal. They served it on top of an enormous salad full of mixed greens (not your typical iceberg or romaine by any means), tomatoes, carrots and cucumbers. Everything was topped with a slightly sweet slightly tangy dressing which the waitress informed me was their homemade Vidalia onion vinaigrette which perfectly complimented the flavor of the black bean burger.

This was one of those meals where whoever cooked it had the expert ability to combine so many ingredients into one amazing flavor. It’s by far my favorite salad and burger all in one. And for $10, I was full for the rest of the day. Everything about this place screams awesome, so try it out if you get the chance. Just make sure you get there before 2pm because they only serve breakfast and lunch. I love Walnut’s!


Overall Score: 10/10


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