So Long Savannah, Hello Asheville! (And all the food you have to offer)

So moving has definitely taken its toll on my ability to update my blog (especially when it is the least profitable [read: not profitable at all] of my writing ventures,) but I have finally settled in enough to have the desire to update.

I must start out by saying the food in Asheville, NC is absolutely amazing. I have rarely come across a place where so many different types of food and restaurants exist in such a small place. From Indian street food to French comfort food, this city seems to have a little bit of everything, and I am slowly but surely eating my way through all of it. Of course I can never replace Zunzi’s (which I crave almost daily,) but the limitless options here make it a bit easier to get by.

And if the allure of tasty restaurants by the dozen in the city wasn’t enough, I need venture no further than neighboring Hendersonville (a 15 minute drive) to delight in all the local delicacies I could imagine. Fresh local fruits and veggies are abundant and priced to move much better than grocery store varieties. Hendersonville also appears to be apple mecca of the universe, boasting numerous U-Pick apple farms on either side of the road for a solid ten miles. I picked my first peck of golden delicious apples last weekend, and will be back for more this week. Speaking of which, I also tried my hand at making fresh apple pie.

Another mind-blowing foodie option is grocery stores with hot and cold bars that sell food by the pound. Now those of you who are familiar with Whole Foods know what I’m talking about, but it’s my first time living somewhere with one in driving distance. EarthFare and GreenLife Grocery both offer hot and cold bars in addition to an amazing amount of health foods. To my personal delight, I discovered that GreenLife still sells Smart Deli Ham, which for some reason has all but disappeared at other grocery stores. It’s really the only one I like to eat, so I’m tickled pink about it.

Anyway, I’ll shortly be adding some restaurant blogs and such since I’ve been plenty of places since my last post.


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