The Simple Joys of Eating

Sometimes I get so caught up in cooking and concocting new recipes food to try, I sometimes forget what really matters: the joy you get from biting into that food and really savoring the taste. I think that’s true of any food, no matter how simple or complex it is, whether you labored for hours or tossed it in the microwave. There is something so enjoyable about sinking your teeth into something that you had a part in creating. Even if it was only for 4 to 5 minutes on HIGH.

I remembered, too, how much I love simple comfort foods. Instead of laboring for hours to make homemade delicacies, I made some Kraft mac & cheese with Morningstar “chicken” tenders for lunch. I haven’t had real chicken tenders in almost 8 years, and it was always one of my favorite foods. Especially the ones from Arby’s. Maybe I’m a little rusty on what chicken tastes like, but it must be as delicious as these. And what can I say about mac and cheese? We didn’t cook in my household, so many nights, Kraft mac and cheese was our main course with a side of bread. (Oh, the culinary delights of growing up with a single dad.)

So after minimal preparation (boiling some water, cooking some noodles, heating the oven, etc.) we took our plates back to the bedroom and ate in bed while watching some crazy movie (I think it was called Brazil.) I scooped up the cheesy goodness, and dunked my “chicken” into a glob of bbq sauce, and I couldn’t think of any better meal I could have made (of picked up) for lunch today.


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