My OMG moment while deveining shrimp

I have been cooking for about six years, and as a seafood-only type of gal, I have prepared my fair share of shrimp. I can’t stomach the prices for pre-shelled, deveined shrimp at grocery stores (it’s always several dollars more per pound than if you do it yourself,) so I’m quite familiar with prepping my own shrimp. But for some reason tonight, I had the most amazing revelation about how easy it is to devein shrimp.

At least, I think it’s amazing. If you’ve already figured this out, don’t rain on my parade!

My shrimp were being pesky this evening, and the veins were particularly . . . excrement-filled? Right. And that meant that when I tried to rip out the vein, it was just kind of blobbing poop excrement all over my shrimp. Now this is frustrating when one shrimp does it, let alone twenty. Even the ones that I had deveined were still not entirely clean, and that’s why it hit me.

Wash the shrimp.

Like, really wash them so that the pressure of the water just swooshed any extra excrement right down the drain. It sounds too easy, but it worked. A simple slice down the center of the shrimp and a good rinsing under the sink washed away all the dirty little veins. Washed them right down the sink. And best of all, my hands weren’t covered in shrimp poop afterwards.


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