Crabby crabs at Wasabi’s and the Crab Shack

So apparently I’ve been on an absolute crab binge as of late. In about 48 hours, I gorged myself with a crab tartine , crispy soft shell crab, crab stew and a seafood platter with two kinds of crab legs. I could keep going (California roll, anyone?) but instead, I decided to blog about it. Go figure.

Let me say that I am a sucker for soft shell crab. A friend told me when he was young, he used to call it crunchy crab, which makes me wonder: Am I the only person who didn’t try soft shell crab until my mid-twenties?!? I don’t really think you can go terribly wrong with fried crab meat, but I will say the soft shell crab I had at Wasabi’s was pretty delicious. Lightly crisped, and an ample amount of food, served with rice, ginger salad and miso soup make this a pretty awesome deal at $13. They serve it with a really tasty, warm soy-based sauce.

Last night, I got a craving for some steamed seafood, so we headed over to the Crab Shack on Tybee Island to continue my crab binge. I will say that they are skimping a bit on their seafood platter (for $40, 2 people get a platter filled with steamed mussels, shrimp, crawfish, snow crab legs, stone crab legs, corn, potatoes and sausage,) but the food was nonetheless well-prepared. We also ordered a cup of their homemade crab stew for $4, which they say is an award-winning, homemade recipe. I suggest you pass on the stew because it’s mostly cream and filler, with very little crab. The steamed platter is always delicious, and served with drawn butter. Each person gets one set of snow crab legs and one set of stone crab legs (including claws,) so it was quite a crab-filled evening. This place, aside from having the best atmosphere in Savannah, always prepares the crab properly. Because nothing kills steamed crab like overcooking it. That’s not the case here.

No ratings this time. Just a declaration of my love for all things crab.


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