Garibaldi’s Redemption – Savannah, GA

Recommended: No Yes, but stick to their specialties

I recently went back to Garibaldi’s for (another) birthday dinner, making it my third trip to the place. Now if you remember, my last visit was pretty awful, so I wasn’t expecting much other than a yummy salad. And my first visit was average for only getting a small dish. I wasn’t really expecting much, but Garibaldi’s gained some points with me this visit. Enough to write about, anyway.

Here is what I have realized about Garibaldi’s. They are quite creative with their soups and salads, to a positive end. Unfortunately, they are not always as successful with their main dishes. My last salad, the pear and goat cheese salad, was delicious, albeit a small portion of actual salad. This time I got their special for the evening, a watermelon salad which consisted of about 8 watermelon rounds (quarter-sized balls) set atop some mixed field greens and random bits of goat cheese and toasted pumpkin seeds. All of it tossed in a nice, light vinaigrette. Delicious. But, I never had a problem with their salads.

I looked suspiciously at the mussels my boyfriend ordered (yes, the same mussels that were inedible last time, and he still reordered them,) and cautiously took a bit of bread to dunk in the sauce. It’s mediocre. Whatever. On to dinner.

Two people ordered the steamed seafood plate which was tasty as usual. Although it’s quite difficult to really mess up steamed seafood save overcooking it to the point of a softened shell. My boyfriend got the fried shrimp again. They’re good. Nothing to get too excited about, but good, especially considering I’m not a huge fan of fried shrimp. But now comes the shocker.

I ordered the special catch of the evening, the fresh mahi mahi over risotto and seasonal vegetables, topped with two steamed shrimp and a lobster cream sauce. Wow. Decadent? No. Delicious Mouthwateringly delectable is more like it. Wow. I couldn’t believe how right they had gotten this dish. The fish was well cooked and even juicy. Flavorful, even without the lobster cream sauce. And that sauce was divine, especially drizzled all over my steamed veggies. So good. Both of us who ordered it finished the whole plate and wanted more.

So the mussels stink. And the scallops are two small. I guess the best bet is to stick to their specials, and/or their steamed shellfish. And you can’t really go wrong with the fried shrimp or their crispy flounder (which they are well-known for.) I guess this place is more of a mixed bag than a definite no. They could definitely work on improving their consistency as well as their waitstaff, but if you’re daring enough, give it a try. You may love it, you may hate it. It really just depends on what you order here.

Overall (new) Rating: 7/10 (It would be a 6 if that mahi mahi hadn’t been so magical)


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