Broccoli Cheddar Soup (minus the chicken stock!)

Yesterday was my first experience making homemade (from scratch) broccoli cheddar soup. I found this recipe:

and modified it slightly. Mostly because I’m not one for following recipes, but also because it called for chicken stock, which I don’t eat. It’s a really easy recipe except for the part that thickens the soup with butter and flour. Not because that’s particularly hard, but because whenever I thicken stuff, I end up pausing my stirring and needing to start over. Anyway.

This recipe is delicious, which is why it was worth linking. I replaced the chicken stock with vegetable stock and I still got a really nice flavor. I added more milk than stock, even though the recipe calls for an even balance, simply because I think vegetable stock is a bit strong, and I wanted a creamier soup.

Another distinction I made was the processed cheese versus real cheese. I cut out all processed cheese and went for sharp cheddar straight from the deli at Kroger. And instead of a specific amount, I taste-tested until it was just cheesy enough for my tastes.

The thickness was a bit much for me, so next time I think I’ll try using a bit less flour. I also cooked the broccoli much longer than the few minutes suggested because I cooked large stalks that I kept from making steamed broccoli the other night. It’s much easier to chop it up when it’s soft from being cooked before tossing it in the soup.

The end result was very, very tasty. And filling. I added some dry mustard to give it a bit of extra flavoring as well as some extra black pepper as a final seasoning on the finished pot.

I love this recipe, and it’s definitely worth giving a try. This could definitely pass for a main dish, and it’s much tastier than Campbell’s!


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