Create Your Own Pizza Masterpiece at Vinnie Van Go-Go’s in Savannah, GA

Recommended: Go for the PIZZA, not for the wait

Vinnie’s in Savannah is one of my all-time favorite pizza places, and that’s saying a lot coming from someone who doesn’t particularly like pizza. That’s right, I don’t like pizza. I know it’s odd, but I’ve just never had much of a taste for it, save perhaps the sauceless white variety. However, on rare occasions, when I get a craving, it’s always for Vinnie’s because they give the customer so much freedom to put whatever they want on it.

Don’t eat meat? No problem. Vinnie’s offers fifteen – no, make that SIXTEEN toppings if you include extra cheese for vegetarians. Nobody else wants to eat the “garden-style” pizza you’ve conjured up? That’s cool, too, because you can buy everything by the slice, including all those fancily topped pizzas. For $2.50 you get a slice of cheese pizza that is the equivalent of at least two from a whole pie. Then, for between .50 and .75 a piece, you can add any topping you like. My favorite pizza consists of spinach, artichoke and feta which costs me about $4.75. That sounds a bit crazy for a single slice of pizza, but trust me, it’s an entire meal. I typically eat quite a bit, so I can’t so most people wanting more than 2 slices, which still averages under $10 for food. Not a bad deal, especially in City Market.

The pizza itself is pretty remarkable in my opinion. I’m a sucker for a thin, crispy crust, and Vinnie’s has perfectly crisp crust. When I’m eating pizza, I want to taste the toppings, not mushy dough, like some other places in town seem to fill the pizza with. Maybe that’s just a personal preference, but Vinnie’s crust is great. The toppings also taste fresh, and they give you a lot of them. My perfect slice tastes kind of like spinach and artichoke dip with a bit of marinara, and everything goes together just perfectly. This is definitely a great place to get creative with your food.

Now for the bad stuff. Don’t worry, none of it is food related. First, they have pretty strange hours. They’re open for lunch on Saturday and Sunday, but not the rest of the week. The rest of the week they don’t open until 4pm, which I think is unfortunate since sometimes I just wanna sit back and have some pizza while I watch a baseball game. Another downfall is the crowds. The place is located in City Market which gets tons of tourist action in addition to SCAD students and locals. You can typically expect a 30-40 minute wait on a Friday night since they have pretty limited seating. And the seating is pretty weird, too. Outdoor tables under an awning that has roll down flaps in case it rains. They do have a small indoor bar area, but how many people want to sit at a bar and have a meal with friends? I’m also not too impressed by the service. The servers can be a bit scattered, probably because they get overwhelmed with tables. I don’t blame them, but don’t expect to get in and get out. It’s MUCH faster than another pizza joint downtown, though, so it’s not all bad. And remember to bring your cash because it’s cas only, no matter how high your bill is.

If you’ve got a chunk of time to spend and you don’t mind some crappy eclectic seating options, I definitely suggest a visit to Vinnie Van Go-Go’s because the food will make you forget about all your other complaints.


Overall Rating: 8/10 (taste always takes precedence over the other stuff)


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